Tenis center Tomi

Tennis club Tomi Radenci

In the complex of T&T center there is also Tennis club Tomi Ternar. It was founded by tennis player Tomi Ternar, who began his tennins path on these courts in Radenci. He started to play tennis when he was 10 years old thanks to his father Stanislav, who gave him the love for tennis.

Tomi Ternar

Tomi is a very succesful player and up to now here are some mof his best moments:

  • national champion - single and in pairs in 2011,
  • winner of masters in 2010,
  • national champion in all junior categories,
  • represented Slovenia in Meditearenian games at the quarterfinals,
  • played in quarterfinals at the 10.000$ tournament in Bosnia and Herzogovina and in 15.000$ tournament in Austria,
  • european team champion under 18 years, which was also one of the greatest success of slovenian tennis,
  • winner of 15.000$ tournament in BiH,
  • second place in european youth ranking,
  • played in quarterfinal in 10.000$ tournament at Čakovec,
  • is a permanent member of the Slovenia national tennis team, in all categories,
  • played at the Davis Cup (world team senior championship).

Tomi's main goal is to be placed among 100 best players in a world ATP ranking list.